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Get help from our professional support . Support options for Apex Software™ could include phone or e-mail assistance.

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  • Our Technical staff is available to assist our valuable customers with any type of technical problem. We train our staff to guide each customer through their individual problem, until it is resolved.
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  • Please let us know of should you have any question regarding Sales.

Online SEO Solution

  • Online SEO Service
  • Looking for a web based and online Search Engine Optimization solution, Dynamic SEO is an Automated online Search Engine submission and Optimization (SEO) tools to boost your web site traffic.
FAQ's - Dynamic Site Stats

Solutions to common issues in using this Web Site Analysis Service and Real Time Visitor Tracking System

»Is Dynamic SiteStats Statistics accurate?
»Will this service slow down my Web pages?
»How many pages can I report on per site?
»Dynamic SiteStats Statistics generates a report about activity on my Web server. Where does it get the information?
»When are my reports available for viewing?
»My Web site is located on my ISP's server, Can I use Dynamic SiteStats Statistics?
»I have multiple virtual domains. Can I create reports for each domain?
»I have a number of customers leasing space on my Web server. Can I use Dynamic SiteStats Statistics to provide them with traffic reports?
»With all of the concerns around privacy, how can you guarantee that you wonít sell my customerís information to other parties?
»What if I want others to see my reports?
»Can I have multiple sites under one account?
»What Web server software and operating system do I have to use?
»What kind of equipment do you use?
»Is the service secure?
»I am still evaluating which Web server to buy: NetScape, Microsoft IIS, WebSite or CBuilder. Will the service work with all of them?

»I just finished registering, and I need to paste the code. What do I do?
»I finished registration, and I got the instructions for how to paste the code, but itís not working. What suggestions can you offer?

»Is it possible to track the sites thats been built with Ajax?

»How does Dynamic SiteStats feel about the issue of privacy?
»Does Dynamic SiteStats collect personal information with its tracking code?
»What about combining personal information with web traffic information?
»Does Dynamic SiteStats track people across multiple sites?
»Does Dynamic SiteStats record my IP address?
»Why does Dynamic SiteStats record my IP address? How is it used?
»I'm concerned about cookies. What are they?
»How does Dynamic SiteStats use cookies? Should I be concerned?
»Are there disadvantages to rejecting cookies?
»Does Dynamic SiteStats create individual profiles for visitors?
»I'm a Dynamic SiteStats customer. You collect data on my site traffic. How confidential is my site information?
»Does Dynamic SiteStats have unlimited access to my confidential information?
»Will Dynamic SiteStats make my site data public?
»The information I gave you when I signed up -- do you put it in a cookie?
»What does Dynamic SiteStats do with that information?