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Facts & Tips - Dynamic Submission™

Difference between Auto Submission & Manual Submission

You can do both Auto submission and Manual submission with Dynamic Submission software.

Auto Submission
Auto submission allows you to submit your web sites to all the major Free Search Engines automatically. You just need to click the "Submit” button and Dynamic Submission software will handle the rest for you.

Manual Submission
Not all the Search Engines accept Auto Submission. There are three types of Search Engines inwhich you need to a do manual submission for: Free Engines, Pay-Per-Inclusion engines and Pay-Per-Click engines. For PPI engines you have to pay a fee to get your web sites listed in those search engines, while for PPC engines you can manage to list your site at a particular position of the search results by keyword bid. For these engines, you have to manually submit your web sites to them. See Manual Submission for details.