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Difference domain name and site URL

It is better to give you an example to explain the different between domain name and site URL(or web site).

For example, our MAIN web site is http://www.somedomain.com, under this web site, it contains following web pages:


where "somedomain.com" is a DOMAIN NAME, and all the web page addresses above are the URL.

One "domain" can have many URLs.

What is a Web Site?
The name "Web Site" is very confusing. Normally a "web site" refers to the whole set of web pages under the same domain name. For example, you can say my web site is http://www.somedomain.com or apexpacific.com which contains all the web pages about our business. In this case, it refers to the domain name of the web site.

However, some times people also say my web site is http://www.somedomain.com/products.html. In this case, the "web site" refer to a single page or an URL.