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How do I avoid receiving excess emails from FFA engines?

Many FFA site owners try to collect email addresses from the people who submit to FFA sites and send auto-reponse advertisement or spam email. At Dynamic Submission, we will only submit to quality, major FFA sites that will generate more traffic for your web site. If you receive any spam advertisement from those FFA sites, please let us know and we will consider to removing them from our engine data file.

If you don't want to receive spam advertisement emails from the FFA sites, please do NOT select FFA sites, or check the box to block auto-response confirmation or spam emails from FFA link sites.

There is a setting in the Dynamic Submission, which is specifically designed to block that type of email. You can go to “Web site profiles/Auto Engines/ FFA” tab and check the option box: block auto-response confirmation or Spam emails from FFA link sites. This option is put in especially to deal with this situation. Also to maximize the effect, you can use a secondary email address for submission.