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Understanding Search Engines

There are many types of search engines. According to the way of submission, we can separate them into Free Submission Search Engines and Manual Submission Search Engines.

1. Free Submission Search Engines - These kind of engines allow for free submission. You can use the Auto Submission tool of Dynamic Submission software to submit your web sites to these engines. Generally Speaking, there are 3 types: General Engines, Directories and FFA.

General Engines - also call Spider Engine or Indexing Search Engines. For this type of engines, you don't need to submit your web site details. You just need to enter your web site URL and submit it . These engines will retrieve your web site details from the Meta Tag or the body of your web site automatically. Example is Google, AltaVista, etc.

Directories - Internet Directories engines. Directories are not automatically generated but are compiled by editors. A website that is submitted to a directory is subsequently catalogued and linked to one or more topics. As the directories are set up by experienced editors, they generally produce more targeted results. Example is Yahoo.com .

FFA - collections of Free for All pages (FFA) links. FFA are pages in which links to website can be entered together with a short comment. Owners of websites thereby enter the registration themselves, and there is no editing board to review the entries. It is free and becomes immediately effective.

2. Manual Submission Search Engines - Not all the Search Engines accept Auto Submission. There are three types of Search Engines for which you need to do manual submission: Free manual submission engines, Pay-Per-Inclusion engines and Pay-Per-Click engines. You can use the Manual Submission tool of Dynamic Submission software to manually submit your web site.

Free manual submission engines - For these kind of engines, you can submit you web site without payment. However you need to do the submission manually. For example, AltaVista Free Engine requests you to enter a computer generated image code each time when you login, which means you have to submit your website manually. Another example is open directory engines - dmoz.org. You need to browse in the directory and select the right category before you do your submission.

Pay Per Inclusion Engine - advertiser needs to pay a fee to search engines in order to get their web sites to be listed in the search engines. Yahoo, LookSmart, etc. are these kind of Engines. Normally, your web site will be indexed by the search engines within 24 hours and your listing will be updated frequently. You are also requested to pay a renewal fee for your listing every 6 months or annually. However, this doesn't guarantee a particular position in the search results, you still need to optimize your web site manually in order to achieve higher ranking.

Pay Per Click Search Engine (also known as Pay Per Ranking, Pay Per Placement, Pay Per Performance or Pay Per Position) - It enables you to list your site at a particular position of the search results according to the keyword bid. You list your website by selecting keywords that refer to your products or services. For each keyword you determine how much you are willing to spend and what position you want. The higher you bid the higher your site will appear in the search results. You can start your bid from 1 cent per click for most of the major PPC engines, some PPC engines have a minimum bid of 5 cents per click. For more information on Pay Per Click Search Engines, please click here.