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Frequently Asked Questions - XGEN SEO

Q:How is xGen SEO any different from other similar programs

Broadly speaking, both xGenSEO and other similar programs are social media submission software which submit your articles and videos to all major social media sites. HOWEVER, there is a major difference regarding the process involved in performing this.

Other similar programs separate the submission process individually for each module. For example, you will need to run the Blog Submission module to submit blogs, then you go to the Bookmarking Submission module to perform bookmarking, then you need to run the RSS feed Submission module to perform RSS, and after this is done, you need go to the Ping Submission module to perform Pinging. They have quite a few modules, but these are not integrated which makes it time consuming.

With xGen SEO, it is a true fully automated ONE-click Social Media Submission solution, the program will perform ALL these tasks FULLY automated with one button click.

You donít need to waste your time running each module individually, the program will handle all these tasks for you automatically.


General FAQ

Iím experiencing some problems using XGen SEO, and your Support Team are asking for my log.dat file, where do I find this?

Everytime I open XGENSEO I have to re-register to gain access to the program, how do I stop this from happening?

When I tried to create a new yahoo account or do the submission, the program launches the new window but it stays blank. What do I do?

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How is xGen SEO any different from other similar programs?

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Can I reuse the Campaign and/or email to post another article or are they only good for 1 post?

Does XGenSEO support proxy? Where is this located and how will this benefit me?

My website is a non English website. Is it possible to create articles and submit it to article directories in my own language?

Why would I want to create hundreds of social networking accounts and submit articles about my company to these sites and never check comments or update those accounts manually?

What is the difference between the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise versions of XGen SEO?

Does XGen SEO guarantee a top ranking on Google?

For the Keyword Research Builder, we can have 50 keywords for the Standard edition. Is this overall or per account?