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Frequently Asked Questions - XGEN SEO

Q:My website is a non English website. Is it possible to create articles and submit it to article directories in my own language

Yes, you can create articles in any language and submit them to all article directories. Your goal with article submission is to build links to your web site, so it doesnít matter if your web site is Spanish and your article is written in English or Spanish: all you need from your article is the link to your web site. Actually, it is good to create links from variety of different web sites in other languages.

Furthermore, apart from article directories, XGen SEO will also submit your article to blogs, bookmarkings and RSS, without any limitations on what language you use for your articles.

In fact, millions of people around the world create blogs at WordPress.com, Bloggers.com, LiveJournal.com with their own languages. Remember: WordProess.com or Bloggers.com are not just for those who read and write in English, they support all language.


General FAQ

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My website is a non English website. Is it possible to create articles and submit it to article directories in my own language?

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