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Frequently Asked Questions - XGEN SEO

Q:What’s is LINK WHEEL Does XGen SEO support Link Wheel

Link Wheel is a technique to create serious of articles and link to each other automatically.

For example:

You’ve made 1 account and four campaign to optimize one keyword on my money site.

- On your first campaign you fill only 1 article that contains a link to your site and then submit to each social media sites.

- In your second campaign I fill one article which contain a link or url to the first campaign to optimize your url in first campaign.

- In the third campaign you fill 1 article and submit to every social media site but each article contains a link or url to the campaign-2.

We don’t recommended to use this “linkwheel” technique, it is a type of blackhat and we don’t think it really work. Because you submit 3 articles, but you only have 1 article link to your money site. If you want to use the “linkwheel”, you should “linkwheel” the previous submission within the same article. For example, for one article, after you submit the first social site, the program will use the insert the URL from first submission for the second site. By doing this, you will have both your money site and previous social site in the same article. To use this technique, please insert keyword in your article body.


Link Wheel FAQ

What’s is LINK WHEEL? Does XGen SEO support Link Wheel?