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Editor's note:

This month Dynamic Internet Marketing Newsletter focuses on email and search engine marketing. We start with a very interesting article which provides ideas of how to morph a newsletter to create additional leverage. Next, we continue with the first of three articles on practical tips to achieve better positioning on search engines. We hope you enjoy the reading and will find some useful tips for your online business !

Internet Marketing News Flash:

1. Google launches Google AdSense, an opportunity for web publishers who want to make more revenue from advertising on their site. AdSense delivers text-based Google AdWords ads that are relevant to what your readers see on your pages and Google pays you. If your site receives more than 20 million page views a month, Google offers customization of the AdSense program for your business.

2. Microsoft, whose MSN is the number two US Internet service, is building its own programs for searching the web to compete with Google. Microsoft has began using a prototype program that indexes Web pages to help develop a search program.

3. Espotting announces plans to merge with findwhat.com. European pay-per-click advertising network announced its intention to merge with FindWhat.com, a pay-per-click player based in the United States. The merger will create the largest international PPC player, servicing a total of 11 markets - UK, US, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland and Switzerland.

4.Looksmart raises prices - Up until recently, all clicks through Looksmart and their partners cost $0.15. That meant that no matter how competitive the market may have been in other engines, like Overture, the advertiser paid the fixed price. As of July 1, all advertisers pay $0.15 for the first 5000 clicks ($750). Anything over this limit now costs more, depending on the market you are in. For example, auto related sites now pay $0.23 on any clicks over 5000, while other site can pay up to $0.75 per click after the first 5000.

Email Marketing: Morph Your Newsletter

A reader from Hong Kong recently inquired about the marketing and content leverage a newsletter could provide for paid publications. This raises an important but often-overlooked aspect of newsletters. Most newsletter publishers think of their products as single marketing programs or entities. Too often, benefits for other marketing opportunities are not considered.

In the magazine industry, a newsletter is an opportunity to enhance a publication's brand. It provides a means to segment editorial and promotional offers. It can deliver breaking news, updates, and other critical information. Newsletters can also help increase the publication's paid circulation.

There are some very simple things your newsletter can do that will enhance marketing and public relations. Here are just a few ideas of how to morph a newsletter to create additional leverage:

Product launches. Many companies, both consumer and business-to-business (B2B), launch anywhere from one to several hundred products each year. They may have a customer or prospect newsletter with company-wide information, but a new product can be enhanced by a dedicated, "hot off the press" issue to support the launch. An entire issue can be dedicated to a new product or service. This includes features, benefits, early customer feedback, and reasons to buy or upgrade.

Virtual trade shows. Trade shows are a less attractive marketing vehicle than they once were. Most companies attend a small handful, but many customers or prospects may not be able to travel to a particular show. Give them a virtual tour of your booth. Let them know what you hope to accomplish at the show. Or after the event send a summary of what they missed.

Event promotions and invitations. Webinars are growing in popularity as corporate travel shrinks and your audience's time becomes scarce. Promoting a Webinar or event with a special newsletter update gives you an opportunity to sell the event, the speakers, and the reason it's a must-attend.

"Just for you" promotions. If you have an offer that's only appropriate for part of your audience, a newsletter promotion is ideal. Segment your readers and mail only to those who are appropriate.

Directional marketing. Do you have new information on your Web site? Is your company featured somewhere you'd like readers to be aware of? Use your newsletter to announce what's up and direct readers where you want them to go, such as an editorial write-up in an industry publication or a new case study on your site.

Create high impact personalized emails and newsletters Discover how Dynamic Mail Communicator can help you generate new and repeat revenue for your business through email marketing. Dynamic Mail Communicator makes it easy to:

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Sales cycle enhancement. If your product or service has a long sales cycle, several prospects are likely at the same stage of the buying process. Create a stepped newsletter approach to target each stage of the game. For example, level one is for prospects who have inquired about your product, level two for those who had an initial conversation with a sales rep, level three for those who have had demonstrations, and so forth. The beauty of such an approach is consistency in the selling model and more control moving prospects forward.

Product support. Most companies view newsletters primarily as a marketing or promotional tool. In tough economic times when every department is cut back, a newsletter can provide product support, technical tips, and other information commonly requested via phone or online support. It's a time saver and a cost-effective tool for enhancing customer service.

Subscription enhancer. If you want to increase newsletter readership or circulation of other printed vehicles, create a special bulletin that focuses exclusively on "tell a friend" benefits. Chances are, your readers know others who can benefit from your product or service. A referral contest could offer readers an incentive for the most referrals who subscribe.

These are just a few off-the-top-of-my-head suggestions for leveraging your newsletter investment. Don't think of a newsletter as a single entity. How you can morph yours to extend its reach and readability through these, and other, variations?

Kathleen Goodwin is CEO of iMakeNews, specializing in customer acquisition and retention through permission-based e-newsletters. For nine years, she was vice president of marketing for Ziff-Davis' publishing division, where she oversaw the marketing of all print publications and their early online siblings. She also serves as an advisor to early-stage companies and has been responsible for several successful new-business launches.

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Positioning your website on top of search engines step by step (I)

This article focuses on the role that keywords can play in positioning a website on top of search engines. It is the first of the three-part series containing practical tips for optimizing websites to get more traffic from search engines.

If you are interested in web promotion, you probably already know that having your website ranked in the top positions of search engines is the cheapest and most effective way to increase web traffic. But how can you drive that targeted free traffic to your website?

Anyone can do it following some simple optimization rules. Just open your Dynamic Submission program (or download your free copy here) and read the following tips. It won't be long until you see a significant increase on your web traffic.

Optimization Tip #1 ==-- Choose the best keywords --==

The first step in optimizing your web pages for the Search Engines is to compile a list of keywords or keyword phrases that your potential prospects will be most likely to use when searching for your site. In general, it's best to focus on specific keywords or phrases rather than general words such us "business" or "Internet". Example: if you're an insurance agent you should choose "life insurance" or even "auto insurance Melbourne." There will be less competition for a specific keyword phrase and you will be focusing on attracting the accurate customers. Remember that most searchers normally use two or three word searching phrases.

a) Look and see what phases and keywords your competitors

are using Open Dynamic Submission and create a profile for your website. Then select keywords -> keyword builder from the toolbar. Insert a keyword phrase related to your site and specify the search engine you want to retrieve the results from. A list of related keywords that your best performing competitors are using will appear on screen. Select the keyword phrases that are useful for you and save them to your Keyword Library.

b) Look and see what phrases and keywords are most popular

You also want to know what keywords people use to search for your product or services. In the keyword builder insert a keyword and choose the Overture search engine. You will see related keywords and the number of people that used them last month. Select the keyword phrases that are useful for you and save them to your Keyword Library.

Optimization Tip #2 ==-- Insert your keywords in the right place --==

Search engines will consider more relevant the keywords located in certain parts of your website. You have to make sure that your target keywords and keyword phases appear in your description tags, title and Meta keywords, the head of each page, the text of the document and in the first two or three paragraphs.

Open the Dynamic Submission Optimizer, insert your URL and type the keyword you want to optimize your website for. The Optimizer will perform an in-depth analysis of the page and will give you tailor-made suggestions to improve your site for the keyword you are targeting.

Optimization Tip #3 ==-- Check your keyword density --==

Search engine bots are increasingly using keyword density (frequency) as an important factor when computing the relevance of a given web site within the search results. But the overuse and repetition of keywords may also result in a lower relevancy score and possible omission from some Search Engines (some even penalize you for repeating words to improve your site's ranking.)

Look at your Dynamic Submission optimizer report, it includes a keyword frequency analysis to calculate optimal keyword densities in a given web page.

With these three steps your goal of putting your website on top of search engines is now closer. Stay tunned for more tips on optimization in our next dynamic newsletter!

Dynamic Submission provides better results. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertising or give them to a search engine optimization company when you can achieve the same results yourself for only $69.95? We offer a 30 day money-back-guarantee when you order the full version of Dynamic Submission, so please feel free to place your order risk-free at http://www.apexpacific.com/order.html or download your free trial here.

Apex Pacific and Searchfeed.com Aim to Optimize Advertiser PPC Bids

Searchfeed.com, a leader in contextual based marketing, has partnered with Apex Pacific to offer its advertisers automated Pay-Per-Click keyword bid management through our specialized software Dynamic Web Ranking.

Apex Pacific's Dynamic Keyword Bid Maximizer Software allows advertisers to easily manage multiple PPC campaigns simultaneously while saving time and money. As a fully automated system, Apex Pacific software eliminates bid gaps and helps keeps advertisers above competitors.

With Searchfeed.com as one of the software's supported PPC engines, advertisers can experience the benefits of increased traffic, while decreasing the amount of time spent handling account management.

About Searchfeed.com Searchfeed.com, a leader in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) technology, provides online advertisers with the most cost-effective, easily tracked method of generating sales leads while offering Web publishers a better way to monetize Internet traffic. By establishing relationships with more than 7,000 leading Web portals and regional Internet service providers, Searchfeed.com's advertising network exceeds more than six million queries daily. For more information about Searchfeed.com, visit www.Searchfeed.com.

About Apex Pacific Pty Ltd Apex Pacific Pty Ltd is a consolidated software producer that has been successfully operating over the Internet since 1998 with the aspiration of making Internet marketing easier to Webmasters and Website owners. Apex Pacific's Dynamic Software Range includes all the Internet marketing and web promotion tools needed to effectively promote a website on the Internet, from search engine submission to keyword bid management, link promotion and email marketing tools. For additional information please visit www.ApexPacific.com

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