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 issue September 2003

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Create high impact personalized emails and newsletters

Create high impact personalized emails and newsletters Discover how Dynamic Mail Communicator can help you put in practice your viral marketing ideas to generate new and repeat revenue for your business. Dynamic Mail Communicator makes it easy to:

- Create, import and manage unlimited mailing lists
- Create high impact html rich emails and newsletters
- Auto-remove bounced back emailsUse unlimmited autoresponders
- Personalize your messages
- Automate subscribe and unsubscribe

... schedule your emails, process incoming messages and much much more.

Download a free trial version at http://www.apexpacific.com/mailcomm.html

Dynamic Email Validator

Get the Free Dynamic Email Validator

Dynamic Email Validator is a simple yet very powerful tool for anyone who does email marketing. This smart tool verifies and cleans up your mailing list by checking every e-mail address from it and determining whether e-mails are valid. There is no need to disturb contacts just to verify their addresses; Dynamic Email Validator connects directly to their SMTP server to check them without sending the email. Dynamic Email Validator is an essential tool for email list hygiene and to avoid ISP's mail servers blocking or barring your email domain because of you repeatedly sending emails to non-existing account holders.

Click here to download your free copy of the email validator

Positioning your website on top of search engines step by step (III)

This article focuses on the role that meta tags, doorway pages and link popularity can play in positioning a website on top of search engines. It is the final article of the three-part series containing practical tips for optimizing websites to get more traffic from search engines. It provides tips related to the webpage submission process.

Tip #7 ==-- Automatic and manual submission --==

Auto Submission - Auto submission allows you to submit your web sites to all the major Free Search Engines automatically. You just need to click the "Submit" button and Dynamic Submission software will handle the rest for you.

Manual Submission - Not all the Search Engines accept Auto Submission. Dynamic Submission allows you to manually submit your website to the Search Engines that require it, including the Pay-Per-Inclusion engines and Pay-Per-Click engines. For PPI engines you have to pay a fee to get your web sites listed in those search engines, while for PPC engines you can manage to list your site at a particular position of the search results by keyword bid.

Tip #8 ==-- Submit to new search engines --==

New search engines and directories are born everyday on the Internet. It is important to submit your website to them as soon as they appear.

Dynamic Submission allows you to download the latest set of engine data files to your PC from our web server. The process normally takes less than one minute and is completely automatic. To make sure you have the very latest set of engine data files, you have to update the Engine Data file the first time you use Dynamic Submission and do this every two weeks to keep your submission data files up to date.

Tip #9 ==-- How often should a website be submitted? --==

After the initial submission of a page it should not be resubmitted too often or it can adversely affect the page or entire website. We recommend that you submit if the page drops out, the listing falls dramatically or there are content changes. Also
1. Do not submit the SAME URL multiple times in one day.
2. Do not submit more than 5 different URLs under the same domain in one day.
3. Always make some changes to your web site before re-submitting.
4. Do not re-submit the SAME URL more than once per month.

Tip #10 ==-- Monitor your search engine ranking --==

Regularly check your Web site position within all major Search Engines for your targeted keywords. Keeping track of your websites ranking will provide you valuable information to make improvements and correct problems. It is also useful to check your competitors web site to monitor its changes and performance. Checking website ranking on search engines for multiple keywords is a very time consuming task that Dynamic Submission performs in seconds.

You can easily check your website ranking now:

1- Open or create a profile. then click the 'Ranking' button on the main tool bar
2- Select the 'Keyword' from the list and the Search Engines that you want to check your URLs web ranking for.
3- Click the "Start" button to begin your searching.

WebRanking will perform a search on all the selected Search Engines and show you how it ranks on the screen. Searching will be performed on multiple engines for multiple URLs at the same time. Once searching is completed, the ranking result will show on the screen. Click the "Report" button at the bottom to view the HTML ranking reports in your default Web browser.

Dynamic Submission provides better results. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertising or give them to a search engine optimization company when you can achieve the same results yourself for only $69.95? We offer a 30 day money-back-guarantee when you order the full version of Dynamic Submission, so please feel free to place your order risk-free at http://www.apexpacific.com/order.html or download your free trial here.

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