After you have created a Web Project, you can proceed with creating a new web site profile. The web site profile contains your website details for the submission process, and any other web promotion functions. Creating a Web Profile is a basic step in Dynamic Submission. You need to create a web profile first in order to do a submission, optimization of your web site, monitors your web promotion results or use any other advanced tools in Dynamic Submission.

1. Please select the Web Project which this new web site profile will belong to, then click “File/New Website” item from the pull down menu, or just click the "Profile" button from the toolbar.

2. Enter the name of your new web site profile and click OK. A new web site profile will be created.

3. If you want to delete an existing web site, select the web site name and then go to “File” in the pull down menu and then click “Delete Website”.

4. If currently you are using any other tools of Dynamic Submission like the 'Optimizer', 'Web Ranking' or if you are under any other screens other than web profile, simply click the 'Profile' icon from the tool bar to go back to the web profile screen.

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Initial Setup
Web Profile
Web Optimization
Web Submission
Monitoring results