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Facts & Tips - Dynamic Submission™

Understanding domain limitation in Dynamic Submission

For different editions, the number of domains you can submit is different. The trial and Standard Editions support 5 domains only. Professional Edition supports 10 domains while Enterprise Edition can submit unlimited domains.

Note: Please click here for more information about the different between Domain Name and Site URL.

For example, if you are using Standard Edition, then you can use up to 5 domains as below:

Domain 1(or web site 1)


Domain 2(or web site 2)


Domain 5(or web site 5)


As you can see above, one domain may contains more than one URL(or web page). You can manage unlimited URLs under the SAME domain.

Can I delete the domain once I enter to the Domain Manager?
For both Standard and Professional Edition, you are allowed to delete up to 3 domains if you make any type error. Go to "File/Domain Manager" item from the menu bar and the Domain Manager screen will show up. Simply select the wrong domain name and click “Delete” button to remove it, then enter your correct domain name in the “Add domain” field. Please check your URL carefully before adding.

For Enterprise edition, there is no limitation on the number of domains. So you can feel free to add or delete domains.