PPC BidMax 4 - New Release !

Account Management

Manage your account settings

Manage your clients account under your master account(PPC agency)

Manage multiple projects or accounts with our friendly user interface

Manage account funding

Change login password

Manage billing and credit card details

Campaign Management

Synchronize existing PPC accounts - Download campaigns and keywords from your existing PPC accounts

Manage multiple PPC campaigns with a single interface

Campaign budgeting change your daily budget setting

Manage campaign status set campaign online or offline

Search Network management change your campaign coverage for Search Network or Content Network

AdGroup Management

Create and add AdGroups - create multiple Adgroups or import Adgroups from the program directly

Create and edit Ad Creatives from the program directly

Disable and Enable Adgroups

Preview Ad creative improve your Ad Creative quality score

Keyword Management

Maximize your keyword coverage - Keyword Builder to help you to generate more relevant keywords

Add or Remove keywords allows you to add new keywords or remove keywords directly from your account

Keyword forecastingprovide you a quick overview of your Minimum and Maximum position and CPC

Automated Bidding System

Smart bidding strategy for Google Adwords and Yahoo!

URL bidding strategy allows you to bid above or below a particular URL, use this feature to be always on top of your competitor, or below your affiliate partner.

Online/Offline- allows you to set your account online or offline at a specified date and time

Set Back Position (Day Parting) bidding - allows you to set two different positions at different time period

ROI bidding strategy for CPA and ROAS

Schedule(keyword bid updates) Smart Bidding- adjust your position to bid automatically and remove bid gaps

Scheduler- manage your PPC campaign 24x7 automatically


Automated email notification - when your bids or position have been changed

Comprehensive bidding report in HTML, TEXT and EXCEL format

Export keywords and ranking results to Excel database

Customized bidding report (with your company contact details)

ROI performance reports for Accounts, Campaigns, AdGroups and keywords

ROI Tracking

Track and optimize ROI - ROI Builder an integrated ROI tracking system that allows you to bid based on CPA (Cost Per Action) and ROAS (Return On Advertising Spending) for better targeted and smarter bidding. (used in conjunction with Dynamic Site Stats service)

Enterprise solution for SEM agency or PPC Bid Management service