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The search engine market has changed in the past couple of years. Many old major search engines are gone and most of them are replaced or converted to the new Pay-Per-Inclusion and Pay-Per-Click model. Though many search engines still offer a free web site submission option, they do not however guarantee that your web site will be indexed and it may take a long time for your web site to be listed in their database. If you are having a problem getting your web site to be indexed by the search engines, or if you would like to get quick results from the search engines, now is the time to consider the new Pay-Per-Inclusion and Pay-Per-Click search engines.

Pay Per Inclusion is where an advertiser needs to pay a fee to search engines in order to get their web sites to be listed in the search engines. Normally, your web site will be indexed by the search engines within 24 hours and your listing will be updated frequently. You are also requested to pay a renewal fee for your listing every 6 months or annually. However, this doesn't guarantee a particular position in the search results, you still need to optimize your web site manually in order to achieve higher ranking.

If you want a guaranteed TOP position on all search engines, Pay-Per-Click search engines is what will help you.

What is a Pay-Per-Click search engine?

A Pay Per Click (also known as Pay Per Ranking, Pay Per Placement, Pay Per Performance or Pay Per Position) search engine enables you to list your site at a particular position of the search results according to the keyword bid. You list your website by selecting keywords that refer to your product or service. For each keyword you determine how much you are willing to spend and what position you want. The higher you bid the higher you will appear in the search results. You can start your bid from 1 cent per click for most of the major PPC engines, some PPC engines have a minimum bid of 5 cents per click.

Why place keyword bids on "Pay-Per-Click" search engines?

Recent study has shown that the "Pay-Per-Click" search engines have become the most effective way to get your web site to the TOP position of all major search engines. Yahoo.com is the clear leader in this field, and then Miva(US) and Miva(UK) (biggest PPC engine in UK and European market) comes in second. There are also many newcomers such as 7search.com, kanoodle.com, sprinks.com and Bay9.com.

Generally, most of these PPC engines are partnered with other free or pay-per-inclusion search engines, if you are bidding keywords in these PPC engines, your listing will also appear in all their partner sites.

Over the years Yahoo.com has established relationships with many of the top search engines and directories, including Yahoo!, AltaVista, America Online, Lycos, Netscape, Hotbot, MSN, Compuserve, NBCI and CNET. Miva(US) has also partner with Excite, HotBot and WebCrawler. So what does all of this mean to you and how do you use these relationships to your benefit?

The Premium Listings (listings in one of TOP 3 positions )- when some one performs a search for one of your keywords in Yahoo.com, the results will also show up in the TOP 3 positions on all the above search engines . This results in reaching 75% of all internet users as Yahoo.com claims. The first 3 positions from FintWhat will also be displayed in Exite, Hotbot and WebCrawler.

For example: Suppose you have a keyword "books" in one of Yahoo!'s top 3 positions. If a user types the keyword "books" in the search box of AltaVista, the results page will have your site listed at the very top. You'll have similar results at the other search engines that are powered with Yahoo! listings.

If you are having a problem in getting your web site to be listed at the top position of the major search engines, placing your keyword bids on "Pay-Per-Click" search engines is the most cost effective way to drive more targeted traffic to your web site.

Pay Per Click Bid Management Software

PPC Bid Maximizer™ is an ultimate pay per click or PPC Pya Per Click bid management and bid optimization software that helps you manage your keyword bids in ALL the major pay per click search engines (including Google Adwords, Yahoo!, etc.) It also helps you to build your keyword list, manage your keywords, automatically monitor your keyword bids and URLs at all major pay per click search engines. It will notify you of your current bids, analyze your ranking positions and fix bid gaps, by using PPC Bid Maximizer™, you will save up to 85% of your current bid cost on Pay Per Click search engines.

Review of Top 9 Pay Per Click Search Engines

Google AdWords Select Results appear on Google, Earthlink Inc and Sympatico-Lycos Inc
  • AdWords Select ads are displayed next to search results when someone enters one of the keywords you identify as relevant to your business. At the beginning of your campaign, you set a maximum cost-per-click for each of your Ad Groups. An Ad Group contains one or more ads targeted to the same set of keywords with the same CPC.
  • If the cost-per-click you've specified is higher than what's necessary for your ad to maintain its position, the actual cost-per-click you will be charged will be discounted automatically.
  • You'll pay only the minimum necessary to stay ranked above the next lower ad - plus one cent.
  • A $5 initial activation fee applies when you open your account, and this activation fee will not be credited towards the cost of any clicks you receive. The minimum cost-per-click for keywords begins at $0.05 and varies according to that keyword's popularity. You will be able to determine the minimum cost-per-click for a keyword easily by using the Traffic Estimator (accessible from the sign-up or campaign management pages)
Yahoo! (formerly called GoTo)
  • Yahoo! is the oldest and largest of the pay per click search engines in the market today. The minimum bid is 5 cents and you must spend $20 per month. It takes about 5 business days to get listed.
  • Yahoo! has a well organized system. There is a non-traffic stop plan. Your account will automatically be recharged when your balance is low. In addition, there is a fixed budget plan. You set a maximum to spend every month. Once your maximum is met, you listings are taken offline until the beginning of the next time period.
  • Top 3 or 5 position listing will appear on the top position of following partner search engines: Yahoo!, Lycos, InfoSpaces(including Excite (www.excite.com), Dogpile (www.dogpile.com), WebCrawler (www.webcrawler.com) and MetaCrawler (www.metacrawler.com)), MSN, AltaVista, American Online(AOL), NBCI and CNET.
Miva (US)
  • The minimum bid is 1 cent and you need to deposit $25 to open a new account. You can enter up to 1000 keywords at once. Miva(US) reviews every keyword in their system and verifies its relevancy.
  • Your bid change is not updated immediately. It may take several minutes to get your new bids updated in the search results.
  • Miva(US) has entered into an agreement with Lycos to provide the Pay-Per-Click platform for Lycos's InSite AdBuyer. You can create an account quickly with Lycos's Adbuyer by converting your keywords from Miva(US) account. Top 3 listing results will appear in Exite, HotBot, Dogpile, MetaCrawler, WebFerret and CNET.
  • It has a minimum bid of 1 penny and requires a minimum $25 deposit to start bidding. If paying by credit, your bids will be live immediately upon submitting your credit card number unless you are from outside the US, in which case your bid prices will be activated once your credit card is approved.
  • Services offered to advertisers include immediate e-mail notification when you are outbid for the top ranking on a keyword, a keyword generator tool, and a 1:1 banner exchange program.
  • 7Search has over 30 million searches per month. Search results appear in 7Search affiliate network and over 35% of search engines in English speaking countries.
Looksmart Listings Results appear on MSN, AltaVista, iWon, Time Warner, Prodigy, Juno, Netscape, Qwest, Go2Net, Mamma.com, plus Inktomi and their entire network.
  • In the program, LookSmart will do a deep categorization of a web site, in return for a per click charge of generally between 15 to 75 cents for every visitor that they send to you, with those in more competitive markets paying higher fees. The program has a $1,000 minimum spending per month, with a three month minimum, so this isn't aimed at small business.
  • In addition to having deeper representation, LookSmart will now also give all your listings a ranking boost, a significant change than from its old program. This only happens within LookSmart.com and sites that rebrand LookSmart's exact listings. No boost is supposed to be happening at places like AltaVista, Excite, MSN Search or iWon.
  • LookListings also contain a pure paid placement element, for those who want guaranteed placement. For a fee, you can request that your site appears at the top of LookSmart's results, in the "Featured Listings" section, in response to particular queries.
Enhance has a minimum bid of 1 cent and a minimum deposit of $25. Your keywords will be approved within 48 hours or less. Click here to setup account with Enhance
  • You listing will be distributed to their entire network of partners, which reaches over 30 million unique users monthly. Bid in top 3 positions and your site will be included in the TopLinks program. Through TopLinks your site can be listed throughout their Premier Network on sites such as Earthlink, AltaVista, LookSmart and many more.
Miva UK is a UK and European based pay per click search engine. It has 3 plans: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The minimum deposit for Bronze account is Euro 100 plus Euro 10 account setup fee. Your websites will be set live within 48 hours.
  • Miva(UK) can help you access targeted leads from 72% of the UK's online population. By ensuring that your listings appear within top 3-5 search results, your listing will appear on Yahoo! UK & Ireland, Lycos, Ask Jeeves, ntl:home, Netscape, UK Plus and Looksmart and many more.
  • It has a minimum bid of 5 cents and deposit of $25. There are free banner ad impressions for the top 3 of the search results page. You receive $5.00 free bonus if you make a deposit of $25.00 at signup. It will provide you with 100 relevant keyword terms and a title and description for your listings.
  • Your Kanoodle.com account also allows your listings to be seen on search engines and sites like Galaxy.com, 37.com, CNET.com, and TurboFind.com as well as 10,000 other search enabled sites!
  • It requires a $100 minimum deposit and 1 cent per click. It also requires that each advertiser's account have a minimum usage (click-thru revenue) of at least $10 per month. It takes approximately one to three business days to set up your account.
  • There are over 200 million monthly searches. E-Pilot's search distribution network consists of over 70 major search engines. By setting your bid to at least $0.07 per click, your site will qualifiy to be listed on leading search engines such as: NetZero, DogPile, Engine59.com, Mamma.com, 24/7 Media and InfoSpace.