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Internet Business Opportunity

The internet market is booming, According to eMarketer's statistics of US online advertising spending, clearly indicating that the rise of the internet and search engines as a medium for advertising is fast outstripping any growth in traditional media outlets. The market is currently valued at around a staggering $13.5 billion, returning an overall annual growth rate of around 26% according to "Price Waterhouse Coopers". This is a great indication of the potential dollars that you could earn by becoming an internet marketing consultant.

According to MarketingSherpa's 2005-2006 Search Marketing Benchmark Guide, "SEO is still only a tiny portion of total search marketing spend. A May 2005 study revealed just 13% of the Fortune 100 had "effective SEO". When asked why more marketers don't invest in SEO, 28% said they "Don't understand SEO, overall complexity". This is great news as it gives more ethical internet marketing companies the advantage to service and assist these businesses to succeed online.

Apex Internet Marketing Consultant Network

The Apex Pacific Internet Marketing Consultant network is designed to get you up to speed with even the most experienced Internet marketing companies, and provide you with all the support and technology so that you can take your share of this accelerating market.

The Apex Internet Marketing Network constitutes an international network of Internet Marketing professionals. Consultants have been appointed in USA, UK, Australia and around the world.

Membership is similar to a franchise as it guarantees you access to a successful consultancy business model. It will help you to learn from the mistakes of 1000's of internet marketing companies and consultants and prevent you from making these mistakes yourself. Joining the network is about saving you the frustration and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost opportunity cost.

"It would take you at least three years to learn these techniques, tricks and client processes and then another three to create the material".

This successful Internet Marketing business model which you will receive was developed from research and practical experience. It was developed by researching what makes internet marketing consultants and trainers successful and what obstacles to avoid.

Business Investment & Returns Prospective

An Internet Marketing Consulting/Training business can be an extremely profitable occupation as well as a great lifestyle. Internet Marketing is a booming industry. There are many internet businesses, consultants and trainers that earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. But be warned before you jump straight into it that there are also many consultants/trainers that fail!

The key success factors that we have seen over the years appear to be:

  • The level of personal skills and confidence.
  • The consulting internet market business model.
  • The presentation and documentation that the professional deploys.
  • The level of motivation and drive to build the business.

Apex can thoroughly train you and provide you with mentoring support on building your business. Our systems can be highly effective in winning new clients and building a profitable practice.

The ROI of your Internet Marketing business will be influenced by how effectively you follow with the business model provided as well as the current market trends. Our Network is devised to ensure that our members earn back their investment and continue to increase their profitability.

By Becoming an Apex Internet Marketing Consultant, we will teach you how with as little as 20 clients it would be possible to generate over US$150,000 of recurring revenue and work just two days per week.

Your Next Step

To find out more about this fantastic unique business opportunity, please contact us at or speak to one of our business consultants by calling (AU)+61 2 9662 3433. This is completely obligation FREE and we are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding this.

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