Google Adwords Campaigns

3 Ways to Save Time & Money on your Google Adwords Campaigns

Managing your online advertising campaigns can be a very time consuming process. Not only this but it can be very difficult to keep up to date with, requiring constant monitoring and updating to make sure that you are not wasting your budget.

Here are some tips on how you can improve the success metrics of your Google Adwords campaign:

1. Improve keyword relevancy and quality - make your keywords region specific, use "buying" keywords to increase conversion and implement niche keywords for more quality traffic.

2. Improve your Ad Creative - don't make it too attractive with false information (eg. FREE sample), try to use the search term as the title to attract more quality leads (eg. {keyword:title})

3. Consitent management of your campaigns and bidding - use automated bidding tools that allow to regulate the bidding cycle and improve your budget spend. These tools will also manage your campaigns around the clock without constant monitoring.

Apex Pacific have recognised the market need for a comprehensive tool that will allow you to automate the management and bidding strategy of your Pay Per Click Campaigns in all the major search engines.

One program, one solution - PPC BidMax is the ultimate in automated PPC Bid Management Software. This is an essential tool to help you manage all of your Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and MSN adCenter(coming soon) campaigns under one simple interface.

Free Online Demo

If you are an PPC consultant or want to learn more about PPC BidMax, please contact to schedule your FREE online product demonstration! Come and take a Guided Tour of PPC BidMax with one of our Consultants and see for yourself how PPC BidMax can help you:
  • 1. Save 85% of your Bid Costs
  • 2. Save You Hundreds of hours Maintaining and Monitoring Keyword Bids
  • 3. Stay On TOP of Your Competitors 24 Hours a Day / 365 Days a Year.

With its brand new interface and comprehensive features, PPC BidMax is the most advanced PPC management tool on the market.

PPC BidMax (Corporate) has been exclusively designed for the PPC Agency in mind. It boasts comprehensive features including:

  • Customized Bidding Reports
  • ROI Performance Reports for Accounts, Campaigns, AdGroups and Keywords
  • Reports in HTML, Text or Excel Format.
  • Allows you to manage ALL your clients' campaigns using ONE simple interface.
  • Automated Bidding System
  • And much much more.

For more detailed information visit our website at

Save yourself time and money by using our Pay Per Click software that will eliminate all the hassle of running a PPC campaign.

Our advanced bidding algorithm will help to save you up to 85% of your Bid Costs and allow you to generate comprehensive reports that clearly indicate your ROI so you can monitor the success of your campaign.

Customer Testimonials

Take just a few moments to read the reaction of some of our clients to the BidMax Product.

You too can have the same Amazing Results with the BidMax Program and increase your Revenue while decreasing the Time invested into managing your Campaigns.


I downloaded the FREE Trial version of Dynamic Bid Maximizer to see if it "delivered." I was ecstatic to say the least! I couldn't believe it! This bid management tool works with all the major PPC engines.


Thank you for creating Bidmaximiser and thank you again for the brilliant customer support. Using Bidmaximiser saves me at least 10 hours of work every single week and has increased my profits by 17%. I can now use these 10 hours to create more products rather than labourisely checking keyword prices.

Neil Waterhouse, CEO WaterhouseReports

If you are look for a PPC Management solution, we would strongly recommend that you take a look at Apex Pacific. Excelent product, easy to use, saves time and money - what could be better. This is the best solution for anyone that is looking to automate their PPC campaigns.

Paul Lepa, P. Eng., CEO,

For more information about PPC BidMax or any other Apex Pacific Product please email your enquiries to or visit our website