How to Drive Traffic to your web site?

How to Drive Traffic to your web site?

There are many different ways to drive new visitors to your web site:

  • Search Engine strategies
  • Bulk/Opt-In emailing
  • Free classifieds
  • Paid advertising
  • Newsletter
  • E-zine advertising
  • Banner ad
  • Link exchange
  • Article submission
  • Press release
  • Newsgroups posting
  • and more....

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In order to drive real traffic to your web site, you need to regularly submit your Web site details to these Web directories and engines, and maintain your web site at the TOP position of all the search engines for your chosen 'keywords'. You have to:

  • Manage your web site details
  • Submit your web sites to ALL major search engines and directories
  • Create and build a keyword library for your web site
  • Analyze and optimize keywords on your web page
  • Create correct Meta Tags for all your web pages
  • Analyze and optimize your web site for TOP position
  • Upload your web pages to your web server
  • Check your URL visibility and Link popularity for the search engines
  • Keep monitoring your web site position on the search engines
  • Create Doorway pages to explode your web site and get a HIGH ranking
  • Learn more knowledge, tips and tricks about search engine positioning
  • Add your own engines to unlock the power of Search engine promotions
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