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ModelBits - Case Studies sells models of cars to helicopters on the Internet. The company is aware how critical for its business is to have high ranking position on the search engine results. We asked Nigel Kent, the managing director of few questions about his experience with Dynamic Submission.


With Dynamic Submission the company is able to:

  • Nigel, why did you choose Dynamic Submission for your business?

    I worked for several years in the PC gaming industry at Epic MegaGames. When I left I became an internet consultant for 3 years when I decided to use my knowledge and skills to promote my business rather than someone else. I had used PPC Submission before to promote three web companies that all made over Euro 1 Million on the internet in their first year.

  • Did you notice any specific results since using PPC Submission?

    The program made sure that I was known to all the major search engines and at the time to thousands of ffa sites as well. Recently, since I started using the software again, I specifically have noticed an upturn in sales.

  • Why did you choose Dynamic Submission over other programs?

    Ease of use. It's well worth the download and more than worth the purchase price. I wouldn't be without it.

  • - Nigel Kent, Managing Director,

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