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SaronicNet Promotions offers full website design services including creation, maintenance, search engine positioning and internet promotional services. Kelsey Edwards, the owner of the business, is sharing with us what great results she achieved with PPC Submission in terms of website position, amount of qualified visitors and increase in sales.

I must admit that I am somewhat sceptical and jaded having spent 5 years attempting to get my websites up on the search engines and have been stung by numerous companies promising the world and not delivering. I also attempted to manually add my sites to as many engines as I could find as well. Both approaches got limited success.


Then by accident I discovered PPC Submission software and to be honest with you it has radically changed not only my sites positions on the search engines but has saved me hours and hours of time and effort, as well as reducing my internet phone bill, since I purchased it.

I can honestly say that it's the best bit of software I have ever had.

I can't recommend it highly enough.

It's easy to use, reliable, thorough and I would feel as though my hand had been removed if I no longer had it on my PC. Also worth noting is their technical support response which on the one occasion I had to use it was prompt, helpful and provided a quick resolution to my installation error (my fault not theirs).

Having slogged away for 5 years, I appreciate it all the more and wish I had known of it sooner - but then perhaps I wouldn't fully appreciate its impact on my work if I hadn't put in so many hours of struggle before!

  • Identify search terms people use when they look for the type of service they provide
  • Optimize the website by implementing these search terms across a title, meta tags, and body of the web page
  • Submit the website to all major search engines
  • Monitor the results by checking the website position in search engines


I can now do in 18 minutes what it would have taken 98 hours to do (but never did of course) in the past. I think it is excellent value for money.

And best of all I can confirm that it works! I use the submission software to get my client's sites onto the internet. My clients tend to be small operations such as hotels, restaurants, artists, etc. based on a tiny Greek island called Hydra. I am not so much interested in the number of hits my client sites get, than the number of unique visitors that convert into real bookings and reservations. If it helps you at all to make a decision, I can confirm that my clients used to be getting 1 booking per week but since using PPC Submission, all of them have gone up to at least 3 enquiries with at least 1 converting to an actual booking PER DAY. I am thrilled! For a small community of only 2300 residents, this is a huge increase in business.

I also found that the help text and tutorial really helped me to improve my websites and I revised a lot of my keywords and the structure of the text as a result of setting up PPC Submission and following their suggestions.

I manage about 60 client sites plus 3 of my own and so am very busy with updates. Unfortunately this means that I probably only utilise about 40% of the capacity of PPC Submissions (there's loads I haven't investigated fully yet), but even so the results are terrific.

Making the right choices

In my opinion the software is excellent and I have absolutely no hesitation recommending it to you. - Buy it now, read the instructions thoroughly, incorporate the suggestions from the help and tutorial text, submit your site pages regularly and I can say with confidence that you will be seeing very positive results within three months.

Kelsey Kelsey Edwards, SaronicNet Promotions, Hydra,Greece, 180-40

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