PPC BidMax™ Testimonials

As you know we spend almost $100,000 per month on Pay Per Click (PPC) engines. Managing Overture plus 7 other PPC engines with the 100+ keywords was a very time consuming and tedious task until we purchased Dynamic Bid Maximizer for Overture and Dynamic Bid Maximizer. These products perform unbelievably well saving me numerous hours per week. More time is always good but the fact that I am also spending less money on advertising and generating higher sales on the money I spend, is a major bonus.

One feature I am particularly fond of is the competition killer mode. It is an excellent feature that I use on all of my major keywords. One use is to help weed out those bidders that bid "irresponsibly" and drive up the overall cost of advertising for everyone.

Using this mode keeps me in my slotted position while maxing out my competitions funds quickly, unless they begin to manage more responsibly. Your support is excellent and the timely updates to keep up with the engines has been great.

The fact that you tell me about upcoming outages with the PPC engines before the engines themselves, shows your dedication to servicing the customer. This is indeed rare in todayís software world. Once again thanks for all of your hard work and we continue to look forward for new enhancements in the future.

Internet Marketing Manager

I try not to get my hopes up too high, but I was very relieved when I found Dynamic Bid Maximizer and that it supported 7search. I was skeptical because GoToast also said they supported 7search, but when I signed up for an account; I found out otherwise. However, I downloaded the FREE Trial version of Dynamic Bid Maximizer to see if it "delivered." I was ecstatic to say the least! I couldnít believe it! This bid management tool works with all the major PPC engines.
This program has too many features to list, but hereís a few of the bid management main points that absolutely made my day. This tool saves you a TON of money by always managing your bids their optimal positions. This can add up to substantial savings, but more importantly to me; this saves a LOT of TIME!
Because of one advertiser that was constantly checking (and outbiding) me on 7search --literally every 30 minutes to an hour, I was going crazy! Now, Iíve always got them beat on ALL of my terms and I donít have to spend hours watching for them to outbid me again.
Obviously, I am very "gung ho" about this bid management tool, and I HIGHLY recommend it.


This looks like a great purchase and I am enjoying playing with Dynamic Bid Maximizer and figure it will end up saving me a lot of time, from doing it manually with over 7000 keywords (so I was only able to do it once a day before and what a hassle that was), and money (by trying to keep out of the nr 1 spot). And of course I am hoping it will get me a better end result and I am most confident so far. :)

Besides it gives me an interesting view of my direct competitors so I am most excited to have found this program and I can say that after a day of testing it actually seems to work! :):) - I was a bit hesitant as I did it manually for years (and not the part of my job I liked best) and could not believe a software program could save me so much time. And be affordable for a small company like mine. :) So thank you.

What a find especially handy is that I can still manage my campaigns within Google and delete and add keywords etc, which are pulled in and updated by Dynamic Bid Maximizer when you click on autobid. Terrific. :)

Bianca Clark
Director of Operations
Clark Translations

We have been very pleased with the capability of the program. We did use it for our initial changes and monitoring and adjusting automated bids. The program allowed us to identifiy non-profitable keywords and eliminate them from our PPC campaigns. We have now stablized our PPC bids and have dedicated a full-time employee to manually adjust our bids as well as monitoring our PPC marketing campaigns. We thank you for the service and you have a great product, however, we simply are not utilizing the service. As we develop other initiatives that require PPC bid automation, we will choose Apex as our software vendor of choice. Of course, we will also highly recommend your company and products for any affiliates or peers that inquire.

Johnny Allie
Rxium, LLC

In this day and age, it is unfortunately a rare occurence to receive this type of courtesy, and Iím quite impressed!
Iím enjoying Dynamic Bid Maximizer and have found it to be a great tool for managing my Overture keywords. I have already interacted with technical support on two occasions and have found them to be very responsive. I passed along one suggested enhancement to them in my correspondence, which I will give to you as well; namely, it would be extremely helpful to be able to separate keywords into categories, much as Overtureís DTC does. This enhancement would make the management of hundreds of keywords that much easier inside Dynamic Bid Maximizer.

Mike Lieber
AEGIS Financial Solutions, Inc.

Iím still using the trial period of BidMaximizer, but so far have been quite happy. I like that I can change ads through the BidMax interface and your rules-based bidding is clear and to the point (obviously, Iím looking forward with the hopes that Iíll be just as pleased with the management of our Yahoo! accounts through BidMax).

I sincerely appreciate your follow-up on this matter and anticipate doing business with you in the future.


Important note by Apex Pacific: This client has written this testimony after comparing Bid Max with another bid management software.

Arow Blackdragon
Chicago Home Estates

I have successfully loaded a api adword account number and it works. I found out that part of my issue was my cached file kept intervening and bring me to my adword account screen not the signup page for the api hence my frustration. A silly mistake, but a frustrating one. I wish to thank you for your attention to this and to your follow through. I have not quite Ďmasteredí all of the features of the program yet but I feel comfortable that the tech support is of a caliber to keep me a consistent customer, due in no small part because of you.

Loren Gray
Director of E-Commerce
Ocean Properties Ltd.

Even with very few keywords, Bid Maximizer adds important value by constantly monitoring what your competitors do to their bids. Using the simple rules you have set for it, Bid Maximizer then adjusts your own bids so that you always get exactly what you pay for. I believe we save almost $1,000 a month with Bid Maximizer, which is very close to what we paid for it. If you work with search engine advertising, Bid Maximizer just has to be profitable for you too, regardless of the number of keywords you have.

Magnus Wester
Managing Director

We ended up buying Dynamic Bid Maximizer Advance and Overture. It is truly dynamic. I think it changed our business and our returns. Even though we did pay-per-click advertising earlier, we never really managed it well. Even now, we believe we are using only 50% of the features in the tool. Still, we probably recovered the money we spent on it in one month!

As per client’s request, contact details are not published for obvious competitive reasons.

If have been looking into the program for the last few days and I REALLY like it a lot. The idea & functioning is fantastic. I have been doing pay per click for our company for the last 2 years and I really missed a program like this. I had Tangare’s but this one did not have all the features you have. We just have to make it fully work.


Thank you very much. I will keep you in mind and recommend you to others in four weeks or so. I was just at a luncheon last Tuesday where Overture invited 75 of there top advertisers to meet each other. I gathered several business cards of some of the website owners. I will mention to them that your company treated me well. Thanks

Jeff Bradshaw

Thank you for creating Bidmaximiser and thank you again for the brilliant customer support

Using Bidmaximiser saves me at least 10 hours of work every single week and has increased my profits by 17%. I can now use these 10 hours to create more products rather than labourisely checking keyword prices.

Neil Waterhouse

Thank you for creating Bidmaximiser and thank you again for the brilliant customer support

Using Bidmaximiser saves me at least 10 hours of work every single week and has increased my profits by 17%. I can now use these 10 hours to create more products rather than labourisely checking keyword prices.

Neil Waterhouse

I have been using your software for years and I have managed to get to number one position on keywords which would have been quite expensive if we would purchase pay-per-clicks. In many instances we have 4 to 5 of the Top Ten positions in Google, Yahoo and MSN, while our competitors are paying for Ads.

Alido Di Giovanni
Vice president, Operations
Summit Tech Communications

If you are look for a PPC Management solution, we would strongly recommend that you take a look at Apex Pacific. Excelent product, easy to use, saves time and money - what could be better. This is the best solution for anyone that is looking to automate their PPC campaigns.

Paul Lepa, P. Eng.
Chief Marketing Office

I canít really say enough positive about this software. Just ask yourself how many hours you are spending updating PPC keywords and what your time is worth. Then add on the savings you will receive by minimizing bid gaps and not over spending.

David Giacomini
Idea Direct, LLC

I wish to thank you for your attention to this and to your follow through. I have not quite Ďmasteredí all of the features of the program yet but I feel comfortable that the tech support is of a caliber to keep me a consistent customer.

Loren Gray
Director of E-Commerce
Ocean Properties Ltd.

Love you guys so far, your are nice to me even when I ask dumb stuff. I have spent about 3000 so far the last 12 months, and will keep it up. would like you to add more PPC engines thoughÖ

Brian Podolak
Medical Web Services

I just want to let you know that the time that your products has saved my company is equivalent to saving us thousands of dollars. All three Apex products I use have been great!

Eric Koger

Never seen such an incredible piece of software it took off all the hassle and time consuming bid optimization process thanks to keyword Bid Maximization software.


An excellent package for anyone looking for a PC based bid management system. Why pay for bid third-party management when you can do it for yourself.

Paul Horwitz
Managing Director
Computer Training Solutions

Just to say I started using your Dynamic Bid Maximizer tool and I’m impressed. It does some nice things.


This software rocks! I have used every package / hosted solution and I think this is by far the best.

Justin Fallon

Dynamic Bid Maximizer is great program. It is flexible and user friendly ....Great work keep it up