Link Promoter™ Testimonials

I have started using your program and now I have improved my ranking in most of the engine specially in Google because of the reciprocal link exchange and increasing link popularity. It has helped me a lot to increase traffic on my website. Thanks very much for your help

Tary sten

You guys have better service & support than any other USA company I have dealt with. Honestly, at first I was a little concerned about doing business with an Australian company so far away... But you all have proved to be outstanding!

Alex Smuglovsky
Yeshiva Israel, Inc.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel like a drug addict with out a fix!!! I have really gotten hooked on this program in the last 30 days, I cannot imagine life without it. It saves me sooooo very much time & $$$. Thanks so much.


I must say that your Company’s service levels are outstanding. It isn’t too often that a company, especially on the internet, is so attentive to their customer’s needs. I am happy to conduct business with your company and staff.

Robin Lyson

It worked! I am so sorry for all this trouble, and I really appreciate
all of your help. I just knew the problem would be on my end... It’s nice to
deal with a company that takes the time to help me out. Thanks again!


Eureka! It worked perfectly. Many thanks for your persistence with this. I am very glad you got it working because it’s such a good bit of software and will make a big difference to our business.


THANKS a million. You get 100% for your outstanding program which I will be ordering tomorrow and 100% for your outstanding service.

I really appreciate your help.

Neville Mandy

Very good piece of software to increase link popularity. This is what I was looking for. Great Tool ..Keep up the good work

Jonh Mark

Much, Much Better.
I have not experienced any problems with this new version.
The overall program is a BIG Improvement.

Website Advertising, Ltd.

I have been so impressed with your software and didn’t want to change to a different company.

DW Design