Mail Communicator™ Testimonials

I couldn’t be happier with your company or all of the software I have purchased from you.......

I am 50 years old and at one time (before I became Bipolar) and was considered by some to be a marketing wizard. My God how the times have changed since then. After non Internet marketing for thirty years, I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard Of OZ when she stepped out the door after her house crashed and everything changed to vibrant colors. I am now only marketing for myself and there is sure plenty to learn. I am grateful that you people at apexpacific are around. I believe in your company and your software and will only purchase this type of software from you folks. I trust you people, and the fact that you work as hard as you do to continue developing what I consider the finest software around makes me feel secure in the knowledge that I will be able to make a living without the help of Social Security Disability.
Sorry that this was so long.

Scott Walker

We have been using Mailloop for over a year; however, recently we’ve had a hard time sending out emails through the mailloop SMTP authenticate section. After spending several days and several phone calls trying to make mailloop work, we decided to go online and see if we could find another software program that would allow us to send out emails on a trial basis. Basically we wanted to confirm our suspicion that this was a Mailloop software problem and not something on our end.

We had no intention of buying your product, but after 5 minutes of using Dynamic Mail Communicator, I was immediately sold by the ease of usablility, great features and more importantly - our test e-mails were going out.

We’re very excited to use this product and we’re glad we found you guys.

Rick Murray
Creative Service
INDUSTRY People Group

After examining a variety of bulk email packages from the free to the ridiculously expensive we decided upon Dynamic Mail Communicator. This descision was reached after various bulk transmission trials and we concluded that Dynamic Mail Communicator was a product that not only provided a unique personalisation system, but also provided a superb level of price to performance. Not only is the product very good but the quality of service that we got from the technical support team was second to none.
Dynamic Mail Communicator is genuinely very good and I would recommend it to anyone.

Jay Savoor

I have tried your demo and went through your online tutorial. Actually I chose your software for two reasons. The first one being I was very impressed by web site and the in-depth education you provided of your software and what it can do. The second reason was, your software is very user-friendly and easy for me to teach to the actual person here that will be using it. So thank you for being such a customer service oriented company and taking a lot of the guess work out of your software usage.

Jessie S. Nixon
The Cat’s Meow(r) Village by FJ Designs, Inc.

You have been extremely helpful and regardless of whether we can use your product, I will recommend it to anyone and everyone due to your desire to solve our problem. I deal with tech support people all the time, and most of the time I know more than they do and end up fixing the problem with their software myself. The challenge is on our end but you are still trying to help.
It’s refreshing to actually find someone who, first of all has a clue and second, offers possible solutions.

Michael Davis Realty

Mail Communicator enables us to send regular, personalized emails to our target audience. Being able to insert unique data beyond name and address has also allowed us to break through the clutter (such as using a recipients name in an ad). When an ezine goes out, we can get 30,000 hits the next day on our site (with a mailing list of only 4 000).

Mail Communicator has made an enormous difference to my business and I highly recommend it.

Sid Peimer

Mail Communicator is a great email marketing tool which helps me maintain my customer relationships and continue to easily build new ones!

Each of its features are amazing but the Email Tracker is the email marketers biggest asset. It gives a great analysis of each of my campaigns allowing me to improve on each future campaign and see how well I am doing each time!

I would highly recommend it!

Marina Mathews

The Mail Communicator bulk email program is a superb product. I love it!

Mail Communicator enables me to reach many, many potential clients with an attractive email to see if they want to talk to me. I used to spend 7 hours a day making cold calls but No More! Now I use Mail Communicator to contact all the potential clients on my mailing list and it only takes me a minute. I love it!

Elaine Douglass
Marketing Consultant
Douglass & Associates

Thank you so much for all of your help. It worked! You have been absolutely fabulous at helping me get this software going. I cannot say enough as to how much I appreciate your promptness and helpfulness with answering all of my questions! If only all tech support for online assistance would follow your suit... Thanks Again!


I will keep you posted of any further developments. I am very pleased with the product and the support has been excellent. I have a link and large logo to your product on the Software Page of my site. Hope it brings you some business.

Thank you from Prescott, Arizona (130 miles south of the Grand Canyon)

Charles T Johnston

I would like to get started on the MailComm when you can set it up for me so that there is no delay when I’m ready for the new one.

It took a lot longer than expected but it was worth it.

Your MailComm software is amazing. I am very impressed with what it can do.


Intelli Response

On another note. I have tried a few mailing programs. And this one so far is the best. It is very simple to use, very quick to transmnit the messages, and so far has been doing a good job of pruning my lists as bounces and removal requests happen. Great job.

Robert Johnson
Dreamkey Design

When I started to use Dynamic Mail Communicator™ I can send them HTML creatives in rich color photos.

I started to get more repeated bussiness. It made my emails look more professional and I converted at least 1/3 of my customers into repeated buyers.

Christopher Schnatz

I am very happy with the program. The flexibility your program offers makes it a very good investment and addition to the suite of tools that I use. I look forward to a long working relationship with your Company.
Congratulations and thank you.

Diane Russell
Advanced Strategies for Information Technology

Dynamic Mail Communicator struck us as more user friendly than Gammadyne. The mailing lists seem easier to edit, and it removes returned email addresses automatically, which is something that was always a problem with Gammadyne.

Aaron Scott
Promotion & Marketing
Pink Martini, Inc.

I’m sorry for the second call, your email got stuck in Google’s spam filter.

Thank you so much for the excellent customer support which seems to be rare in this day and age.

Matthew Susee
IT Systems Administrator

What a great company you must be to have such prompt and patient customer support. I am definitely recommending you to all my friends and customers out there.


Thanks for your help. The great technical support that I received certainly was big factor in my decision to purchase Dynamic Mail Communicator.

David Barton

The software is amazing by the way. It easy to use and very carefully constructed. I’m glad I invested in it.

Jay Hunt
Hunt Creative Inc.

We have used your software to communicate to our congregation. It has been an invaluable tool.

Dorothy Brown Wagner
Orchard Hill Church

The software helps us tremendously in conducting our direct mail. Good customer care!

Ruud Geboers