Dynamic Submission™ Testimonials

I must admit that I am somewhat sceptical and jaded having spent 5 years attempting to get my websites up on the search engines and have been stung by numerous companies promising the world and not delivering. I also attempted to manually add my sites to as many engines as I could find as well.

Both approaches got limited success.

Then by accident I discovered Dynamic Submission software and to be honest with you it has radically changed not only my sites positions on the search engines but has saved me hours and hours of time and effort, as well as reducing my internet phone bill, since I purchased it.

I can honestly say that it’s the best bit of software I have ever had.

I can’t recommend it highly enough.

It’s easy to use, reliable, thorough and I would feel as though my hand had been removed if I no longer had it on my PC. Also worth noting is their technical support response which on the one occasion I had to use it was prompt, helpful and provided a quick resolution to my installation error (my fault not theirs).

Having slogged away for 5 years, I appreciate it all the more and wish I had known of it sooner - but then perhaps I wouldn’t fully appreciate its impact on my work if I hadn’t put in so many hours of struggle before!

I can now do in 18 minutes what it would have taken 98 hours to do (but never did of course) in the past.

I think it is excellent value for money.

And best of all I can confirm that it works! I use the submission software to get my client’s sites onto the internet. My clients tend to be small operations such as hotels, restaurants, artists, etc. based on a tiny Greek island called Hydra. I am not so much interested in the number of hits my client sites get, than the number of unique visitors that convert into real bookings and reservations. If it helps you at all to make a decision, I can confirm that my clients used to be getting 1 booking per week but since using Dynamic Submission, all of them have gone up to at least 3 enquiries with at least 1 converting to an actual booking PER DAY. I am thrilled! For a small community of only 2300 residents, this is a huge increase in business.

I also found that the help text and tutorial really helped me to improve my websites and I revised a lot of my keywords and the structure of the text as a result of setting up Dynamic Submission and following their suggestions.

I manage about 60 client sites plus 3 of my own and so am very busy with updates. Unfortunately this means that I probably only utilise about 40% of the capacity of Dynamic Submissions (there’s loads I haven’t investigated fully yet), but even so the results are terrific.

In my opinion the software is excellent and I have absolutely no hesitation recommending it to you. - Buy it now, read the instructions thoroughly, incorporate the suggestions from the help and tutorial text, submit your site pages regularly and I can say with confidence that you will be seeing very positive results within three months.

Kelsey Edwards
SaronicNet Promotions

The features of SEO Suite that attracted me was first the extensive list of major search engines and directories to submit to. With automatic scheduling to make it a "set and forget it" operation.

Also, the straight forward web site optimization assistance. That plainly spells out what needs to be done thoughout the site.

With link building being a very important factor to achieve a decent search engine ranking, SEO Suite not only finds quality sites to link to by keyword, but it checks your submitted sites to make sure your link is still there.

Then, after all the work is done SEO Suite reports your rankings on all the major search engines to monitor the results of your work. It also reports the rankings of your competitors to show what other changes could be made to improve rankings.

Iíve used WebPosition and Submit Wolf and I think SEO Suite 8 offers the best assistance to succeed.

Larry Freeman
Freeman and Associates of Cleveland

Stop! Don’t spend another dollar of your hard earned money, UNTIL you’ve purchased Dynamic Submission! Let me tell you folks, this software rocks! It’s so EASY to use, and the interface is well designed and not cumbersome. When I had all the information regarding my site entered into the software, and pressed submit, I had my doubts! I was expecting timeouts, for the software to stall, for a lot of the submissions to fail, BUT, this software just fires away, submitting my site to ALL those engines, and it worked flawlessly! I’m so impressed, I’ll never use another submission service again! In fact, I plan on upgrading soon.

Oh yeah, 1 more thing. The customer support is friendly and quick! You’ve got nothing to loose with Apex Pacific, buy your copy of Dynamic Submission today!

Jeffrey Rookard
Tetra Hosting

I am actually very very pleased with the results we have achieved with Dynamic Submission to date, we tried it on a brand new site we had built for a local entrepreneur and got instant results with our hit rate on his site achieving 13,000+ hits for the 23 days, also we found that he had gained listings immediately in several Search engines so I would say that any business building and submitting websites would be crazy not to purchase this product as it is an investment that I feel if used properly cannot fail to make them money. Its interface is very easy to navigate and the whole process is very simple even for the novice.

I would like to extend my congratulations to you on a superb product and look forward to using this software in all our future projects.

D. W. Gilbert
Sales & Services
Easy-Biz Web Design & Hosting

I have been using SEO Suite for over 1 1/2 years now and have been more than happy with my choice. Previously I had used 3 other submission applications, all of which did not perform the way SEO Suite does. Features, Price and also support bundled into one, had me sold on this product. In addition, the options available for upgrades was attractive becuase of the nature of my business. With Apex Pacific you can purchase what you need for now and upgrade as your business grows, works for me. :-)

If you are looking at purchasing SEO Suite or other Apex Pacific products we highly recommend them because of our experience with gaining higher positions within the search engines. You will find both product quality and Apex Pacific support, second to none.

Mark Shepard
Adelaide I.T Solutions

Well I haven’t been really happy with the support we were getting on the AddWeb product and the features were hard to use and confusing. They may have fixed that in newer versions but because of their support we didn’t upgrade any further. We tried your demo version and you guys seem to have taken most of the confusion out of the picture. The meta tag information that it builds is nice and also easy to use.
We are a Web Design/Hosting firm and offer our customers free search engine submission. They are often complaining about their rankings but because we offer it for free there’s not much they can say.
Anyway, maybe using your product we can help our customers be more successful.

Thank you.

Bruce Bachman
A Lotta Graphics, Inc.

Hi, just wanted to let you know that the software is working great for me. My traffic is slowly increasing (Due to FFA). I know it’ll take awhile before the submission to the bigger search engines become a reality. I know google itself has a 2-4 week waiting on their spoolers, then at least another 3-4 weeks before something is searchable. I’ve got my calendar set for monthly submissions to the search engines, and I am sending submissions to FFA (just for exposure) every two day. Thanks for producing such great software and following up on it. I’ve joined your affiliate program, so once my sight gets more hits, hoping it will in turn bring new clients to you. I’m highly recommending your product.

Debra Morris

Here is the type of product support that we can usually only dream of. Absolutely exceptional !!. As we all know, contact with product support generally consists of unanswered eMails and interminable periods spent hanging on the phone listening to elevator music as stress levels go through the roof.
Want to see how it should be done ? The guys at Apex Pacific have it down pat. eMails are answered within 24 hours without exception and if the problem needs personal contact, they are on the phone to guide you through to a successful conclusion. They won’t quit until you are happy.
Well done guys, you are a credit to the industry, keep up the great work.

Michael Harper
Terrigal NSW Australia

I must tell you that when I began the current project I spent a week evaluating web submission programs. Why would I spend so much time? Because I have been a computer consultant since 1983 and long experience has taught me that the right program makes all the difference in the world in getting the job done. After evaluating seven different programs --Dynamic Submission is at the top of the list for it’s speed, reliability, and ease of use. Some of your competitors programs work so very poorly that if they gave them away I would not waste my time with them and even less my money.

Louis B
System Consultants

I have a SoftSpider which I bought on 1997 but the software vendor, PBD Technology closed web site since last year. Also I have WebPosition, which has a critical bug and is unable to recognize registration code in 2-byte OS, similar to your case for your Meta Tag Editor. The vendor of WebPosition could not solve the problem for 2 years, while, your solve the similar trouble within few days. I purchase all necessary softwares for our business but wish to get only quality programs from reliable S/W makers. I really appreciate your efforts to solve this problem. Thanks and Regards

T. S. Jeung

By the way, the web page optimization function is in my opinion the best one on the world, because it simulates search engines indexing and helps me to prepare my web sites for higher results, not to mention that excellent submission ability of the program. Simply said, you made the best web submission software on the world. For example my web site http://knowledge.hyperlink.cz/ is top ten on "spiritual knowledge" both on Yahoo! and in Google etc. Your excellent program has already helped me several times and I think you are the absolute top on the world in this field.

Pavel Kastl

Since purchasing Dynamic Submission Enterprise about 3 years ago our company has been able to professionally manage all details of our web clientís search engine data. We can quickly provide reports on each clientís positioning and ďmost importantlyĒ we have achieved top 10 listings for the majority of our clients in most search engines ďjust by using the software.Ē This is the most rewarding software we have purchased in a very long time.
Dynamic Submission software has truly added tremendous value to the services we provide our clients.


Last week I started to look at other submission programs including Submit Wolf, Add Ace, Traffic Master, Web Position Gold and Add Web Pro and to be honest I much preferred Dynamic Submission! Its less cluttered, easier to understand from the ground up without a manual an most of all the price was right! It was not too expensive compared to other enterprise editions, and for me who is just starting out in this field of web design and submissions this was an important factor.

Paul Haynes
PH Multimedia

Hi, just a note to say thank you for your great software. Within ten days we moved from spot 35 to spot number two on Yahoo, and up from the 40th position on google to the 5th position on google. Amazing.

yahoo: (#2)
orange county wedding videographer
(or any variation of these words)

and on google:
Your doorway pages put us on the first page.
Orange county videography (or any variations of several keywords)

In just ten days! Thanks --


Dan Douglas
Plug Video

Anyone thinking of buying site submission software and other related products, would be well served by making the purchase and or switching to this product.

Its a canít lose proposition for a real quality product, priced right for the market. A hall mark of this company is their committment for continually improving on their existing line of products in order to meet the ever changing dynamic environment of the internet.

Your program is simply brilliant!

Brian Taub
President & CEO
Save As U Dine Limited

I think that this software is the most wonderful piece of engineering that I have come across. I have tried other high profile submission software, which were very useful in their own right, but none could even compare to Dynamic Submission. It’s way out on its own as far as fine-tuning pages, organising keywords and preparing meta tags are concerned, not to mention its awesome power when it comes to submitting your tip-top pages.

Tom Walsh
Waterfront House Country Home

I read an article about AddWeb and when I was doing some comparisons, I found your product appears to be more flexible and your website is much more informative regarding the product as well as general information for the novice web builder. I also noted that your product comes up at the top of the list no matter how the search is performed. When that happened it gave me a great deal of confidence about purchasing your product.

Brenda Ochodnicky

I will be very happy to testimonial about the high level of satisfaction
about your products:

I have installed both, Dynamic Submission 7.0 as Web Ranking 5.0 and it is really exciting to see how it is easy to get control of all my web functions. Although I’m not a professional webmaster (I’ll use them for my Company only) I see how mach I’m saving by your software.

Thank you so much to have made it!

Daniele Cordova
Rome- Italy

I am one of your clients; Long Island New York Real EstateBroker: Sell - Buy - Relocation. Since I have purchased your Dynamic Submission Software, and from your support, my website exposure has tripled my business in the Long Island New York Real Estate Industry. Your product and service is one of the best business investments we have made in the real estate industry.

Thank you for your continued support.

Raymond W. Michael
RE/MAX Broker Associate

Itís rare to find good customer service these days, but your company excels in this area! I was very impressed with the level of professionalism exhibited by your company. David was a great help! I needed some additional time to review the trial copy due to a death in my family, and he was very kind to lend it to me. Many thanks David! I love SEO Suite and think it will be a valuable asset for my company.

Bill Perrow
Quality Web Designers, LLC. & The QWD Network

SEO Suite is brilliant. Iíve tried Submit Wolf but itís very basic compared with Submission Wizard. Iíve tried Web Position Gold several times but I think itís a very inferior programme and very untuitive to use. SEO Suite has made me re-optimise all my websites ...because itís fun but mostly because they were poorly setup. I didnít realise how far off the mark my optimisation had been.

Rob Middenway

I am impressed with your customer services, tremendous follow up. For your information, I haven’t found a better product than Dynamic Submission and will most definitely be upgrading from version 5-7. However, I will be reformatting my business PC in the next 2 weeks and will be using the demo of version 7 and version 5 until then. Once done I will immediately purchase the new version 7 from you.

Greg Bryett

I have just purchased your program. I am brand new to web sites and I have purchased from other companies to help me out. Your system is 10 times better than any other!! The programs you have installed are great even for the beginner and you actually followed up with e-mails and offered help. Thanks you. With your programs help I actually believe I have set my site up properly. Thank you again.

Jim Antonovich

I would like to thank you all at Dynamic Submission 2000 for a great product, and excellent personal service. I had some problems getting the new engines loaded, so I emailed your tech support. That next day was a helpful letter from David, which helped me load the engines. Because of your help I purchased your product and am now looking into more of your software. Once again, Thanks

Bryan Adams

I just love your software "SEO Suite", it is certainly the first best Internet marketing product in the world.

"SEO Suite" is easy to understand and use, and helps you get the most results out of the web. I also like that you included only the greatest search engines and directories in the world.

In one sentence, "SEO Suite" is the first of the best.....

Elysia Matthews

Hi, Thank you. I have been using the Dynamic submission 2000 for over a year I liked it, so I also bought the upgrade to 7.0 now with the web ranking it rounds of the package they are very easy to use not only do they help me to organize the submissions I can keep good track of how it is ranking so I have a better idea on what to change to improve things

Arne G Olsen

I just wanted to write you and tell you how very pleased I am with Submission 2000. It has proven to be extremely reliable and continues to operate flawlessly day after day. It has become an invaluable tool that I utilize daily. I have told all my professional friends about how indispensable it is for anyone that has Websites to promote. Thank you,

Jeff Wenger

I have used this software and I am very pleased. I also have a couple other programs like webposition gold and I have found that the Dynamic software is much easier to use and I am getting better responses and I have not even purchased the upgrade yet but plan to do so soon. Keep up the good work you have an awesome program. Thanks


Thank you for your very quick response in resolving the problem I was having with your program. I have done as you said and the program seems to be working fine now. I have always found Apex Pacific software very good and Iím sure that the new version will be even better. I will recommend your company to my co-workers.

David Kirkwood
Barrhead Travel

We submit our website using the SEO Suiteô software and over the past 2 years our website traffic has gone from a few hundred visitors, to over 10,000+ visitors per month. This month November 2004 has not yet finished and we have already had 10,417 visits (111,335 hits) and our sales are up by over 30% per month.

Dan Kobale
Managing Director
Open Telecom International

A few months ago I got Dynamic Submission from the .Net CD and have had it on my computer ever since. Since I started using the program I have never had such good response in the search engines.
Your product is amazing and it REALLY WORKS!
I think you guys are fantastic and I wanted to say thanks.

Two Summers Travel

I really want to say thank you to the Apex team. I just started to really getting into the Dynamic Submission now with our SEO and finding Dynamic Submission really great to work with and we have achieve great results for our web site. You can quote me on this, thank you.


Marcus Xavier
Cool Image

I’ve been waiting for a week or so for version 5 of Dynamic Submission to be released, and now that it is. I am so impressed with the powerful features and speed of Dynamic Submission and it is the BEST web promotion software I have ever seen. Thanks again for your Excellent software!

Craig S. Napier

Thank you so much!!!! Also I run a Product Placement Company, your software has made a big difference in the traffic We get on our web site. It has made listing sites as easy as it gets.. our site is www.featurethis.com not much of a site ( no bells and whistles) but it works

Feature This!

Your software is great. I have tried various submission software that claim to be a lot more than they really are. Yours does the best job, and the price beats most of them out there. It is easy to use and does the job without all of the headaches and hassles.

Betty L. Hamann
Windtalkers Siberians

I am a trial user of your software, Dynamic Submission. I am very impressed with this software. As a web designer I have looked at numerous options for web site promotion and this is by far the simplest to use and appears to do more for the web site’s ranking.

Rebecca Shaw

Somebody should tell the boss about the wonderful patiences and speedy service your company has. I’m going to sign up for Dynamic Submission reseller program because of your perseverance, quick response, and of course your product.

Nancy Hollington

I have to said, that using the software Apex SEO has improve the ranking for some of my clients... and they are happy and I’m very delightful with the results so far, and only been using it for less then a week.

Werner M Buchhalter

I am very pleased with Dynamic Submission. I sent the last message not five minutes before the first arrived. Again its a wonderful product and seems to be working great. Thank You!


Thankyou for creating such an easy to use program that has enabled me to get a top 20 ranking within 3 months of using it! Now I’m averaging about 5000 extra visitors per week.

Daniel Fanin

Yes. Everything seems to be working great. I have to admit, not a bad product. Thank you for inquiring, most companies donít do that. That shows me you are a very good company.

Clarence Simmons

I use your Dynamic Submission 2000 Enterprise, and I have achived top ranking in my state for karaoke (that’s what my site is about). It seems to be working great . . .


It’s great thanks - just so busy at present and trying to get time to load all sites to it and automate the resubmisisons - excellent package, thank you .


Using your software I have become the Largest online bed retailer in the UK. I now have 15 web sites and growing with a multi million pound turn over.

Nigel Cairns

Dynamic Submission Enterprise and tech support has never let me down. They are always there to answer my questions with fast and dependable speed.

Gary Hamm
3Hamms Web Design

Brilliant! The best website submission tool out there! No web-based submission tool can be better than Dynamic Submission, itís second to none!

Shaun OíFlaherty
Kendal Hardcore Wrestling

It’s wonderful I love it!! One of the best applications I have ever used. I look forward to upgrading and getting lots of great news from you.

Francesca Judd

I have tried several other submission programs, i find that after using the free downloads for several months, that your ARE THE BEST! thanks

Abbey Beagelette

Excellent Submission Program, Tried others but your software beats them all. Leaves the competition behind. Thanks for a great program.


I really like the way your software works, Iíve been using Web Position Gold, but yours seems easier to use. Thank you!

Glenn Carr
Net Impressions

My website is listed #1 ,out of 45,000 other sites on all majour engines....thanks to your program......good stuff.....


I have compared your software options against web position gold and submit wolf and think you have the best value.

Matthew J. Gwinner
Garap Home Inventory

Thanks for the support, because of your support I have achieved twice #1 position. Thank you

Michael & Elly Konan

Great so far....much much better than SubmitWolf. So clear, so helpful.

Pat Ahmedov
Info Centric

I did the trial and thought it was much better than web position!

Frank Depalma
Palmatec Solutions

Hello, the new version is gorgeous!!!! Thank you so much!


SEO Suite is Excellent! Congratulations and all the best

Sweet Memories