Web Ranking™ Testimonials

Your reply to my most recent email cleared up a lot. Thank you. The software does look wonderful-very easy to use, very efficient, and wow-gives a lot of wonderful opportunity to the user in terms of increasing effectiveness in marketing.

As a manager and businessman for many years, I must say that a responsive support/customer service team is one of the things that sets a company apart from the rest. Personally, I will not do business with a company that does not return emails, or who I have to constantly bug and follow up on just to get an answer to a simple question. You and your company obviously adhere to the same high standards that I do.


SP Khalsa

Thank you again and again.
I love your DWR 4.0 very much because it help me reduce the time to reporting my clients.
They prefer to see all rank with all engines and all keywords, it easy to understand to see it all in the same place.
This is the main reason why I try to use your software even I buy it more than 2 years.
It is the most effective and easy web ranking report I’ve ever use.

Chadatip Chutima

I have completed a trial run and review of Dynamic Web Ranking and think it is an excellent tool for small businesses looking for a do-it-yourself search engine positioning tool. It is easy to download, install and use and the reporting and optimiser provide useful results for business owners to continue to monitor and improve their position.

Melissa Norfolk
Melissa Norfolk Web Design

Many thanks for your help.

Without a doubt (your Web Ranking software) still the best rankings lookup program on the market

I tried web ceo which has a few more fancy screens and frills but cutting through all of that the functionality is restrictive and very slow.


Thanks for the speedy reply and again for the helpful program. That’s why I keep recommending your software to others.

Stu Snyder
On Tap Software

Thanks its brilliant for our purposes. We have added several new engines using the plug in and the reports look great.

Russell Barton

Well I have tried 3 other programs like yours and yours seem to be better.

Marjorie Keur