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XGenSEO™ for SEO Agencies

Are you struggling to get targeted visitors to your client's websites, who are ready to buy their products?
Do you your clients to dominate the TOP 10 rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing?

Now it's possible with XGen SEO tools software.

Social media sites has become the new 'IT' link building technique for creating high quality backlicks to your website that won't get you punished by the major search engines. Why is this? Because search engines value backlinks from social sites over static, traditional websites since they involve humans interacting over relevant and interesting topics. Gaining quality backlinks from blogging, article marketing, bookmarking, micro-blogging, wikis, hubs and videos is necessary for anyone who wants to increase their website rank without having their backlinks devalued by the search engines.

Now think for a moment. How long would it take you to create backlinks from all 100 + of the major social sites?

Countless hours and hours a month that is! By taking into account all these facts, Apex Pacific, one of the pioneers in SEO and PPC technology development, has created their latest killer SEO powersuite - XGen SEO tools software.

Here is what it will do for you...

1. It will explode the amount of sales leads and profits for your client's by helping you get:

More Targeted Traffic = More Leads = More Customers = More Sales = More Profit!!!!

Your website may be very well designed, but unless your target audience is going to your website, it's pointless.

2. It will dramatically slash your Internet marketing efforts.

No more crappy learning courses, videos and no more large learning curves.. It is time to get the Results!!!!

3. It will save thousands of dollars a year from using paid search!

If you are using Google Adwords Yahoo or Bing, you can either stop the paid search spend completely or reduce it to minimal amount. Your clients will get enough traffic from the organic search results.

4. Your client's business continues to appear in more then 100+ social sites regularly.

Attract a whole new audience!!!

Broadcasting quality articles to all the major social sites means their business will be all over the internet from article sites to social networking sites. Not only will this help boost their website to the top of the search engines, members of the social site will read the articles and visit your client's websites, multiplying the number of targeted traffic to their websites!

5. Build credibility for your clients.

All this publicity will create brand awareness much more rapidly then any other method of PR and online branding! The exposure typically generates trust and your clients will be established as experts in their markets as a result of the quality articles appearing in the major social sites.

6. Generate advanced agency reports for your clients

XGen SEO contains a powerful reporting suite to help you analyze how your social media campaigns are going and how XGen SEO has helped your clients' websites. The key reports include Submission Analysis, Ranking Analysis, Traffic Analysis and Link Building Analysis.

With its complete automated SEO powersuite system, it will make your keyword rich content so popular that getting multiple top page rankings for your clients' targeted keywords is now more possible then ever before!

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