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Idea Direct, LCC - Case Studies

Idea Direct, LCC is a small web development company that provides web development and search engine optimization services for their clients.

I can't really say enough positive about this software. Just ask yourself how many hours you are spending updating PPC keywords and what your time is worth. Then add on the savings you will receive by minimizing bid gaps and not over spending.
David Giacomini, President, Idea Direct, LLC
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Idea Direct has chosen PPC Bid MaximizerT, automated bid management tool to be able to:

  • Create and identify the highly target keywords and phrases that convert leads in sales
  • Effectively allocate their clients budgets and increase their revenue
  • Analyse results on bidding cost through comprehensive reports


"With PPC Bid MaximizerT, we were able to not only eliminate the hundreds of hours each month spent optimizing keywords on PPC engines but have now been able to offer the service to customers to generate additional revenue," says David Giacomini, president of Idea Direct. "The software has been very easy to use and the features are excellent. Other comparable services charge hundreds of dollars a month for the quantity of keywords we are using. This software paid for itself in less than a month."

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