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Westerware is a small affiliate marketing business based in Stockholm, Sweden. At, the company markets products like Oreck vacuum cleaners and FranklinCovey day planners, for a commission.

Even with very few keywords, Bid Maximizer adds important value by constantly monitoring what your competitors do to their bids. Using the simple rules you have set for it, Bid Maximizer then adjusts your own bids so that you always get exactly what you pay for. I believe we save almost $1,000 a month with Bid Maximizer, which is very close to what we paid for it. If you work with search engine advertising, Bid Maximizer just has to be profitable for you too, regardless of the number of keywords you have.
Magnus Wester, Managing Director
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Westerware spends around $3,500 a month on search engine advertising. They have approximately 35,000 keywords that require a lot of administration. The company wants to grow its business, and spend as little time as possible on everyday management of existing advertising efforts


Westerware has chosen PPC Bid Maximizer, automated Pay-Per-Click (PPC) bid management tool in order to manage their online campaigns in the most cost-effective way.

"Both Google and Yahoo automatically adjust your bid down to just one cent above your nearest competitor. However, some of the major search engines like Enhance may leave a bid at $0.15 or higher, even when there is no other bidder. With Bid Maximizer, we never bid more than absolutely necessary, which saves a lot of money over a month. Also, Bid Maximizer allows us to target other positions than just to be the top bidder. Going for number 2 or 3 can be very profitable, and still give you a lot of clicks", says Magnus Wester, the Managing Director of Westerware.


PPC Bid Maximizer helped the company to save its advertising money and hours of time they would have wasted without using the software.

"With Bid Maximizer, the average cost-per-click in Yahoo was reduced from 0.22 to 0.14 (30%). Over the same period, the gross margin (sales commissions minus advertising costs) for Yahoo improved from 53% to 67%," says Magnus.

"Since Bid Maximizer is a Windows tool, it's very fast and easy to use. You can find a specific keyword and change its bidding rules in one tenth of the time compared to doing the same thing directly on the search engine's web site. Just for the ordinary maintenance of keywords and bids I believe we save at least twenty hours a month," says Magnus. "If you look at all the 24 by 7 constant monitoring and automatic bid adjustment provided by Bid Maximizer, well, we'd never be able to afford to do that manually. It's so amazing that you just set the rules for it and it goes to work, relentlessly and persistently."

Making the right choice

"Some of the competitors are web-based, which must be a real drawback in terms of speed-of-use. Furthermore, Bid Maximizer support is formidable and we feel we have even been able to influence development of the product by describing our business needs to the developers," says Magnus.

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