Technical Support

Technical Support

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions page before contacting our support team. If you cannot find your answer from the FAQ page, please enter your query here.

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Product Information

In the program click Help menu -> About to find the version #

Environment Information

If 'Yes' did you setup correct proxy server setting under File -> Configuration window

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Important Notes:
  • Please attach and send an "error.log" file to . This file can be found in the same directory of your application. For example, by default the error.log file for Submission v7.0 is in C:\program files\dynamic\dynamic submission v7\error.log.
  • For problems regarding Mail Communicator please send us the "sendmail.log" file, which is located in the same directory of your application i.e.C:\program files\dynamic\mail communicator\logs\sendmail.log