Referral Program

Earning money as easy as 1-2-3

Looking for an easy way to earn more advertising dollars from your high-traffic Web site? All you have to do is place one of our advertising banners on your web site with a link back to us. There are NO account set-up fees, and we will provide you with the necessary banners and HTML code to use.

To share our success, we would like to have you as a business partner. Join us now as our software reseller and grab your share of the billions of dollars embedded on the Internet. According to the Georgia Tech. Seventh WWW Survey, over 70% (66% in previous survey) of respondents reported that they used the Web to find information about software products costing more than $50. This indicates that an increasing number of people are buying software online. In fact, of all the thousands of products sold on the Internet, software remains the NUMBER ONE seller!

We have more than 10 million potential customers out there who are interested in our products. We need the added reach of a solid software dealer, software distributor, referral partner and referral channel to sell to all of them. That's why we need you!!!.

We've compiled all the best ideas into an exciting opportunity that will let you participate in the our rapid growth and success. You have nothing to lose and everything to GAIN ! Because we have generously offered to process your orders and cover the risk of fraud order, all you need to do is tell others about us!!!

Simply join one of the following partnership programs we have designed to suit your busy schedule and earn money per month.

How does the Referral Partner program work?

When you sign-up as a Dynamic Software Referral Partner, you will receive a unique Referral ID and Password, and all you have to do is insert the HTML banner code into your web site.

When a client clicks on the banner, a cookie contains your Referral ID will be stored in the visitor's PC for 12 months. If your client place the order within 12 months, you will be credited for the sales.

How do I get paid ?

Accounts are activated only when you have inserted the HTML banner into your web site. You will receive your payment via Check on 15th of each month, providing your total commission is over $150. If your commission is less then $150 then the outstanding amount will be carried forward to the following month and paid once you have accumulated over $150 in commission.

How can I check my account stats?

Yes, you can login to your Software Reseller account with your Reseller ID and Password at: You can check how many times your banner has been clicked and the number of downloads from your web site. You can also update your personal record.

Getting Started...

You will need to create an account by filling in the referral partner form and insert the HTML code into your web site. Then you are ready to earn extra income with the world's best web promotion tools from Dynamic Software.